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    Build a language and a territory, let brands make their voice heard.

    SFR - New e-commerce site = experience + performance.
    New e-commerce site = experience + performance.
    adidas - Activation and digital sales of its collections on a global scale.
    Activation and digital sales of its collections on a global scale.

    Attitude + values + specific attributes = singularity. By revealing who you are (or who you are aspiring to be), we can
    let your distinctive character shine through and create the content to embody your personality.



    "In today's world, digital technologies are the new driving force for addressing branding challenges, but when we are working on a brand territory, brands need to make their voice heard across every type of media."

    Clément Langlois - Deputy General Manager
    Clément Langlois
    Deputy General Manager

    When it comes to building your territory, we focus on creating a sense of meaning and reflecting your personality, while putting your brand on your target audience's map.

    • Brand platform

      Define and position a brand or product before building the next series of actions. Create something that is solid, credible and unique - all at the same time.

    • Advertising design

      Our definition of a good idea is a credible and achievable idea that can raise the bar on your business performance. Creating award-winning ideas is not part of our mantra (even though we get a kick out of receiving awards).

    • Logo and style guide

      Visual elements that symbolize your brand with just a single glance and produce a truly unique brand... the only time that you will really have the right to say: "Like" or "Dislike".

    • Brand content

      All the formats (video/audio/editorial) for engaging your audiences in a special relationship with your brand, even groups that might have been completely off your radar.

    • Editorial strategy

      Where can you make your voice heard? Which subjects should you talk about? What tone should you adopt? Which media should you use? Armed with the right support and guidance, it can actually prove easier finding a topic of conversation with your audiences than with your neighbor.