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    Christophe Bernard - Managing Director
    Christophe Bernard
    Managing Director

    "We provide comprehensive support for your campaigns, from market research through to reporting. Our approach is driven by a number of areas of expertise, including creative funnels, exposure, optimization, traffic generation and performance."

    The team

    • Marion Chauviré - Webmarketing Director
      Marion Chauviré
      Webmarketing Director
    • Lea Ullmann - Project Manager
      Lea Ullmann
      Project Manager
    • Stéphane Maltor - Lead UX
      Stéphane Maltor
      Lead UX
    • Jérôme Balmain - Production Director
      Jérôme Balmain
      Production Director
    • Elise Eloy - Webdesigner
      Elise Eloy
    • Frédéric Olivieri - Project Manager
      Frédéric Olivieri
      Project Manager
    • Régis Faubet - Webmarketing Consultant
      Régis Faubet
      Webmarketing Consultant
    • Maxime Archambeaud - Creative Director
      Maxime Archambeaud
      Creative Director
    • Antoine Rizzo - Artistic Director
      Antoine Rizzo
      Artistic Director

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