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    Timberland Europe was looking to promote its two new sneakers for men: Solar Wave Low & Bradstreet Ultra

    Timberland Europe was looking to promote its two new sneakers for men: Solar Wave Low & Bradstreet Ultra



    Promote two new models across Europe in an effort to generate online traffic and supercharge brand awareness.



    - Set up a bespoke geo-targeted digital strategy to meet the objectives of the 46 stores chosen by the brand.

    - Analyze the catchment areas for each store and propose budget packs tailored to the number of consumers in the area.

    - Recommend appropriate digital drivers: PREMIUM DISPLAY, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.

    - Creative support: design and personalize the banners and landing page for each store.


    The Timberland campaign ran throughout 2021 over a three-week period involving 46 stores, including:
    - 9 in France - 7 in Italy - 5 in Germany - 2 in Switzerland - 2 in Austria - 3 in Ireland - 4 in the UK - 6 in the Netherlands - 8 in Spain

    Display activation strategy:

    • - Ads exclusively disseminated across a list of sites / applications in affinity with the target market and brand according to each country.
    • Select the specific IAB categories to ensure that ads are distributed within contextual environments sharing the same affinity.

    Activation strategy over social media with specific targets:

    • Geographic: catchment area for each store (15-km radius) Socio-demographic: men between 18-45
    • Centers of interest: Sport, Fashion, Timberland and Competition
    Creation, customization and development of a personalized landing page for each store. Landing pages personalized according to the:

    • Products promoted (Bradstreet Ultra, Solar Wave Low or both)
    • User's geographic location with updated store information (name, address, telephone, opening hours, map and itinerary)
    • Country language (French, German, English, Italian, Spanish or Dutch)
    Anne Sophie Boniface - Managing Director France
    Anne Sophie Boniface
    Managing Director France

    "The recipe for a successful, effective and innovative European-wide digital campaign is an attentive customer and a dedicated and passionate media team capable of adapting to the local communication challenges. We're proud of this initial campaign, which lays the foundations for a tremendous partnership."